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    How do you deal with autistic burnout?
    pathetic-artist: I’ve been experiencing it for a while and it’s getting much worse. Earlier it was hard too, but I still […]
    Wed, Dec 17, 2014
    Autistic Self Advocacy Network tumblr

    The Autistic Self-Advocacy Network: A Giving Tuesday Org to Support
    TPGA Editor Carol Greenburg[Image: Woman with short platinum hair,beige skin, rimless glasses; wearing a red shirt and holding a sign […]
    Tue, Dec 02, 2014
    Thinking Persons Guide to Autism: Autism Acceptance Month

    Voices for Vaccines: A Giving Tuesday Org to Support
    We’re grateful to our friends at Voices for Vaccines for helping us bust vaccine-autism myths while supporting autistic people. We’re […]
    Mon, Dec 01, 2014
    Thinking Persons Guide to Autism: Autism Acceptance Month

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    by Nicole Nicholson and Virgil S. Maday Editors of Barking Sycamores In the past, autism awareness efforts have at best promoted this kind of false tolerance and at worst have promoted outright lies that we are pathetic, helpless, unfeeling people … Continue reading

    by Meg Evans It’s in our nature as a storytelling species to filter our experiences through the narratives we create to explain them.  As humans, we go through life full of self-talk, whether or not we do it consciously.  When … Continue reading

    For me, Autism Acceptance isn’t a single act. But 1,000 acts of love, carried out every single day, in effort to improve my child’s quality of life. Autism Acceptance is being flexible. Sometimes it is cleaning up after a messy … Continue reading

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